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We've been helping clients protect their families and assets since 1960. Our nationally renowned estate planning attorneys draw on their vast experience to create practical solutions for you. We use time-tested creative solutions to resolve your estate planning concerns.

What best describes your situation?

  • My spouse and I just had our first child.
  • How do I plan for children from my prior marriage?
  • How do I treat my children equally when my major asset is my business?
  • What if my spouse is not a citizen of the United States?
  • How do I continue my charitable giving in a more coordinated manner?
  • How should I protect my assets from creditors?
  • What is the best way to leave assets to my grandchildren?
  • I am concerned that my children are incapable of managing the money I leave them.
  • I want to limit (or preferably eliminate) estate taxes.
  • I need to appoint someone to act for me if I am incapacitated.
  • I want my estate to pass to my children and grandchildren and not my son or daughter­ in-law.
  • How do I pass my family business to my children actively involved in the business while being fair to my other children?

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Case Study:
Estate Planning Techniques Protect a Business for the Family

Opportunity A 75 year old couple owns a technology company. Their net worth is approximately $14,000,000, more than half of which consists of the business.
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