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The actuarial and plan servicing department ("third party administration department") of Danziger & Markhoff LLP, designs, prepares and administers retirement plans for businesses of all sizes. Our firm is unique in that it includes pension attorneys, enrolled actuaries and retirement plan administrators. By combining these disciplines under one roof, we are able to promptly resolve the multi-disciplinary issues that may arise in connection with retirement plan design and administration. Since our firm does not provide financial or investment advice or sell any products in connection with the investment of plan assets, we are able to offer conflict-free advice to our clients. We are concerned only with designing the proper retirement plan for our clients' needs and ensuring that the plan meets all qualified plan rules and regulations on an ongoing basis. Of course, we can recommend professional investment advisors to assist our clients in investing their plan assets.

The firm's third party administration department provides all retirement plan administrative services necessary for the plan to meet all governmental requirements. Our annual administration services include annual calculation of plan contribution costs, annual nondiscrimination testing (and advice as to methodologies to correct a failure of such nondiscrimination tests), processing plan loans and benefit distributions for participants, and preparation of all necessary annual filings required by IRS and Department of Labor.

We also compile and prepare annual benefit statements which detail the amount contributed (or the amount of benefit accrued) for each plan participant and an annual valuation report for use by the business owner in evaluating the investment results of the plan for each year.