Our combination of services — business, tax and actuarial –
works to each client’s advantage

We help our clients succeed.

We have provided legal, actuarial and retirement plan administration services since 1960. Having all these disciplines under one roof enables us to provide creative solutions for clients in our core practice areas.

Why work with us?

  • Because we employ both attorneys and actuaries, we are able to design and prepare better retirement plans that integrate the client’s business, personal and financial objectives.
  • Because our firm has its own Third Party Administration (TPA) department which provides administration services for clients sponsoring retirement plans.
  • The attorneys in our corporate department often function as general counsel for business owners helping them structure a new business, grow it, and then plan for the succession of the business to family members, employees or to outsiders.
  • Because our estate planning attorneys combine creativity and practicality when designing an estate plan that is tax efficient and protects your family and your assets.
  • Because the attorneys in our healthcare and professional practice department represent professionals in all aspects of their business dealings.

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