GASB #45 / #75

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  • Are you or your accountants FRUSTRATED that the GASB #45 / #75 report is delayed?
  • FRUSTRATED that your actuary cannot explain the GASB #45 / #75 report in plain English?
  • FRUSTRATED that you are paying too much for the GASB #45 / #75 report?

Municipalities throughout the country have been engaging Danziger & Markhoff's GASB #45 / #75 services ever since the Governmental Accounting Standards Board required municipalities to account for and report these post-retirement health benefits.

Our actuaries are currently assisting over 150 public sector employers throughout the country in complying with these GASB #45 / #75 rules. We know. We understand. We can help. Call us. We will provide you with a competitive price quote from an actuary you can understand.

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