Plan Design

We are frequently engaged to design a retirement plan for our clients. When we design a new plan, our objective is to develop the plan that is best suited to meet the client's particular goals and objectives, taking into account relevant business and financial considerations and tax implications.

We also consider various defined contribution plan models, such as profit-sharing and 401(k) plans that allow for employee contributions, as well as cash balance plans and more traditional defined benefit pension plans. We communicate our actuarial studies and recommendations to the client and the client's financial advisor and determine with them which option is most appropriate, given the specific facts of the client's business operations and industry conditions.

Once the client has selected the type of plan, we implement the decision by preparing the plan document, summary plan description and related forms

Existing Plans

We also review existing plans prepared by others to see what improvements can be made to better accomplish the business owner's goals. Frequently these goals include reducing plan contribution costs or increasing benefits for owner/management. As in the case of a new plan, we review and analyze the employee demographics, prepare a study and make specific recommendations. When changes are indicated we are available to prepare the legal documents to put the revised program into effect.

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