Estate Administration

Protect Your Family. Protect Your Assets

Our trusts and estates attorneys understand that the death of a loved one can be overwhelming and emotional. The attorneys at Danziger & Markhoff have substantial experience with guiding you through the process of administering the estate and will help facilitate the transfer of assets to the beneficiaries. We prepare the documents to be filed in the Surrogate’s Court, work with you and your financial advisor to retitle assets, help you negotiate with creditors of the estate, maintain estate records, assist in the sale of assets in order to provide liquidity to pay debts and estate taxes, and prepare accountings and releases in settlement of the estate.

Most importantly, the attorneys at Danziger & Markhoff have significant experience preparing federal and state estate tax returns as well as defending them against the IRS and state taxation authorities. There are many elections to be made when preparing an estate tax return which require knowledge and experience with the interplay between tax law and the provisions in a Will and trust. Danziger & Markhoff’s estate administration attorneys are uniquely qualified in this area and can guide you through this process in order to minimize taxes.